Het verhaal achter: Nike Air Force 1 Silhouette

The story behind: Nike Air Force 1 Silhouette

Er zijn zoveel sneaker vrijgemaakt tegenwoordig. Different silhouettes, different colors, different materials. But there are only a few styles that last forever. One of these classics is the Nike Air Force 1 silhouette. No matter what time we live in, they’re consistently worn by sneaker lovers, but also by the general public. But do you know the story behind this silhouette? Laten we dat van dichterbij bekijken!

The story behind the Air Force 1 silhouette @nadiaidder

De Nike Air Force 1 is one of the bestselling sneakers van alle tijden. But how did it start?

De Nike Air Force 1 was designed by Bruce Kilgore, a product designer at Nike. They released in 1982 as an ‘Air Force’ and were originally only available as a high bovenkant. For the marketing campaign, six of the NBA’s biggest stars (Michael Cooper, Jamaal Wilkes, Bobby Jones, Mychal Thompson, Moses Malone and Calvin Natt) wore the Nike Air Force 1 with white suits on a plane landing strip.

Het verhaal achter Air Force 1 silhouette

One year later, in 1983, they became even more popular when they introduces the low bovenkant Air Force 1. The all-white Air Kracht low released in the early ‘90, as part of a pack. They don’t know exactly when the all white Air Force 1 released. But they were definitely taking the Nike Air Force silhouette to a whole new level. The all-white Nike Air Force were so hyped, that Nike decided to limited the supplies.

The story behind the Air force 1 silhouette

In 2001, Nike introduces women’s sizing to the Air Force 1. They also started with collaborations in the 2000s. En op hetzelfde moment, Nike introduces NikeID, where consumers were able to create their own Nike Air Force 1.

Het verhaal achter Air force 1 silhouette

het verhaal achter Air force 1 silhouette

We're excited to see how many Nike Air Force 1 Designs will follow in the future! And did you already design your own NikeID Air Force 1? Label @sneakin_shopin your pictures so we can see you!

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